Tuesday, 31 May 2011

suspicious love :)

sometimes i'm curious about you.
did you really mean about what you said to me?
did you really can feel my love to you?
but why don't you make a choice?
me or she?
why you keep telling me that you love me,although you still with her?
or you just playing with me?

and why i'm still waiting for you?
eventhough i don't know about your honest.
can you show me the truth.
even i love you,i will never let you hurt her.
and i'm thinking that i'm going to step back fom this secret relationship.

i was tired waiting.
tired of hiding.
waiting for you is painful.
but i'm going to face that i'm going to be more hurt by make a decision to leave you.
the best way for us is getting away each other.

eventhough sometime i thought i want to be the first girl who realize you about love.
who teached you about loyalty.
but it wouldn't happen.
 however if we really mean together,i hope the love is become true love from Allah.
maybe now we too young too feel that.
otherwise we had long times to think and realise about this.

there is nothing wrong if i prayed that we will meet together again someday.
wishing that you realise i'm yours. 

p/s : no experience :)
just for sharing and practice my essay.ceh!
but if people read this,they will get angy with the guy.but maybe he must have his own reason.
even actually i also mad to him.hahah
girl's feeling.

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