Monday, 14 March 2011

life is unexpected :(

Sometimes we never thought that it may happen in our life.aku ingat bahagia.tapi x sebenarnya.kalau betul la ape yang aku fikirkan berlaku,aku nak buat ape??am i ready to get through all this??am i strong enough? if so,i wll never forgive to the person who responsible for this!!! everyday,i was thinking about it.sometimes i feel guilty to mama.I didn't mean to do that.I'm really sorry.did they know that we're afraid if that happen??now,i'm not feeling good to abah.the feeling does not same.sorry abah.=(everyday i feel like wanna cry since that day.i hope you're not like what i thought.please.YA ALLAH,selamatkanlah keluarga kami dengan Engkau memberikan kesenangan dan kegembiraan kepada kami.AMIN.
Happy family portrait sketch Vector Illustration
happy family :)

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